From 28 February 2018 Gold Reserve [XGR] ( ERC20 based Ethereum token ) will be avaliable on the Ethereum blockchain.
If you want participate in the fork, you need generate below an Ethereum address and send your XGR coins to the given address.
After the fork, new features like deposits with interest, charity, collection will be available. For full specifications please go to the webpage.
Be careful, we are not taking any responsibility of the damage done by the loss of private keys or brainwallets!
You can add our node into your Gold Reserve node with: 'addnode'
Check your fork balance
Your Gold Reserve [XGR] fork amount on the Ethereum blockchain:
Your Gold Reserve [XGR] fork address on the GoldReserve blockchain:
Participate in the fork
Please write down these brain wallet words and your private key. Brain wallet words and private key is very sensitive data please store it safety, it can not be recovered!
Please repeat your brain wallet words.

After 10 confirmation the system will credit your deposit to your new XGR address.
Thank you for participating in the fork!